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First, the bad news - we don't employ permanent staff. However, in the fifteen years since we first set up in Dubai, many media specialists have worked with us, across a wide range of disciplines, from graphics to editing to engineering and consultancy.

We are often asked to contribute our services to a project. Sometimes as consultants, sometimes to provide or design training, sometimes to oversee or manage an installation, sometimes to provide authoring services for project documentation or procedures.

In such cases, after preliminary consultation with the client, we call on our network of Broadcast Professionals, to select and subcontract the specialist(s) most suited to the particular requirement.

Our relationship with every subcontractor is unique. Some require little more than an invoicing service while others involve us deeply in analysis, scoping, design, training and other specialist services. As our good name is at stake, we always ensure that the client is completely happy with the overall package we provide.

We do not risk 'unknown quantities'. All our associates are known to us personally and professionally or come with a strong recommendation from people we trust. But Broadcasting is a small world, tightly interlinked. If you are interested in working with us here in the Gulf region, please contact us to discuss possibilities and preferences.

But remember - no permanent staff jobs are on offer!