News and Features

The TriMedia Middle East team comprises individuals who have worked for publications as varied as the Daily Express, Durban Standard, Men’s Style Middle East, TimeOut Middle East, WhichSchool Advisor, Middle East Car, Signé Magazine and Show Hub Middle East as well as handling the online content curation for government entities and regular guest features in well-known and regarded titles.

But our diverse repertoire of skills are not limited by the masterhead or indeed the subject matter. Whether features for lifestyle publications or B2B titles, our training and experience means that we are more than adept at creating unique content for day sheets, tabloids, websites, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annual magazines.

We are able to turn our hands to whichever article style is required, creating and curating unique and well crafted content in a timely fashion. Whatever your editorial needs – be they freelance or contract we are ready to meet them.

Our team can write original copy to client’s brief, or edit/rewrite raw material provided by the client or its PR/advertising agencies. The principle is always the same: produce copy that adheres to the standards of high-quality journalism and will meet the demanding requirements of editors – whether news desk or features, sport, finance, or lifestyle.


TriMedia provides training to improve writing and editing skills. The Write Business is designed to help people who want to polish their ability to write simply and clearly, with a more extensive version for those involved in preparing detailed project documentation. Wherever on the scale the student lies, the objective is the same: learn how to write lucidly and logically, avoiding the mistakes and misunderstandings (often expensive) than can arise from ambiguity of expression and interpretation.