Publishing and editorial

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Annual reports and corporate writing

The annual report is the most important communications document produced by any listed company – it is the corporate ‘shop window’ by which the business and its management are judged. Anyone who has more than a superficial interest in the company, from shareholders to prospective shareholders, bankers, suppliers, and customers will consult the annual report to secure information and form an impression of the reporting organisation.

The annual report is therefore a crucial image-builder, capable of generating more confidence in the company than any other document. A good annual report is a prerequisite to securing a respectable stock market rating. Nearly every producer of high-quality annual reports is a highly-rated blue chip company. Conversely, there are very few highly-rated companies that do not report well.

The stock market pays a premium for information, and demands a discount for the lack of it. And the annual report is the main repository for such information. A measure of a ‘good’ annual report is how truthfully, clearly, simply, and effectively it combines words, pictures, graphs, and figures to describe the company, its most recent financial year, and its prospects for the future. 

The US National Association of Investors Corporation which represents about 37,000 investment clubs, defines the annual report as: “As a vital tool in analysing companies whose securities investors wish to buy, hold, or sell.”  And UK research shows that companies producing high-quality annual reports outperform those whose reports are less informative.

The same principles apply irrespective of where the reporting organisation is located.

Your annual report is a once-a-year opportunity. Make the most of it – and you can do that by engaging TriMedia’s help in researching, writing, designing, and project managing the job from end to end.

We have more than 100 annual reports to our credit, many of them award-winners in the LACP’s annual competition that attracts thousands of entries world-wide.

Journalism, news, features and editing

TriMedia’s editorial team comprises writers and editors who have worked for publications in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Their experience ranges from national dailies to specialist titles, covering a wide diversity of content – among them business and finance, technology and IT, lifestyle and fashion, motoring, sport, education, and broadcast engineering.

This breadth of expertise enables team members to write with knowledge and understanding about virtually any subject, whether for corporate or governmental websites, corporate profiles, annual and sustainability reports, guest features in print titles, scripts and screenplays for audio-visual productions, or speeches to conferences or industry gatherings.

Consultation on refreshing online or print publications is a special service, whether commercial titles or in-house productions for staff, customers, or dealers.

We deploy our skills as writers and editors to revitalise content, design, and quality. Having worked in the publishing industry for a combined 100+ years – more than 40 of them in the Middle East – TriMedia has the resources and experience to turn print or digital publication into the kind of product that readers will want to follow – and advertisers will want to buy space.

Our team can write original copy to client’s brief, or edit/rewrite raw material provided by the client or its PR/advertising agencies. The principle is always the same: produce high-quality content that is readily understood, absorbed, and remembered.

Books, corporate histories, and profiles

Every business has a story to tell, and TriMedia’s writers, photographers, and designers have the skills and experience to help you tell it in a way that readers will enjoy and remember – whether a simple ‘who we are and what we do’ profile for a website, an illustrated brochure, or a coffee-table book to mark a milestone anniversary.

Our work includes Driving Arabia (the history of the automobile in the Middle East, produced to mark General Motors’ centenary), Arab Science (the historical Arab/Muslim contribution to scientific advancement), and Guide to Islamic Finance, an introduction to the principles and practices of Islamic finance for newcomers to the subject.

Magazine design consultancy

Our team of news and feature writers have worked with respected and valued print and digital content providers. Be it daily newspapers, online magazines, monthly, quarterly or annual reports, our team can turn their hands to any task specific to the need of the client.

A particular and unique service we offer is consultation on magazine and print publication where we deploy our skills as writers and magazine editors to refresh and revive magazines in terms of content structure, quality and design. Having worked in the publishing industry for a combined eighty years, over forty of which within the Middle East region, TriMedia has the resources, skills and readily deployable skills to turn your print or digital publication into the sort of product readers want to read and advertisers want to capitalise on.

Speech and script writing

Speech-writing is an art in itself, and the TriMedia team can tailor speeches for any occasion. Our work has been delivered across the spectrum, from informal private meetings to high-profile events such as the World Economic Forum and major international industry or professional conferences.

Working in conjunction with filming partners and post-production and animation studios, TriMedia can undertake end-to-end projects from concept to script-writing, treatment, to shooting script, post-production and editing, to screen-ready final version.