Working alongside schools to provide up to the moment market reportage in order to develop and enhance strategic marketing

Utilising our expertise and knowledge of the regional education industry, TriMedia Middle East has established TMEducation – an industry analysis, marketing and content provision service that works hand in hand with schools to develop their brand identity, emphasise their unique characteristics and create content to support their administrative, marketing and client facing projects.

As consultants for schools, we work with the senior leadership teams to ascertain and analyse their strengths and weaknesses, and work to mitigate against potential market changes before they impact the day-to-day management of the school.  We also undertake complete and thorough market analytics and through these analyses, provide schools with up to the moment reports on the state of the industry, the market and their competition to inform critical decision-making.

We consult on social media strategies as well as provide value-add opportunities by developing valuable alumni networks – bringing former staff and students back into the fold. 

TMEducation aims to:

  • Give the school an authoritative voice on education
  • Enhance brand image with clear and planned social media support
  • Leverage loyalty by creating a bespoke and distinct alumni network
  • Clearly explain the benefits of the school and its management to prospective parents
  • Develop a unique alumni programme that encourages participation in the school
  • Convey the school’s distinct character and academic merit
  • Promote holistic learning
  • Find and develop unique stories, shaping the school’s narrative from the inside, out
  • Generate well-crafted news releases and well-timed distribution